A story about loss and connections

Reflections Through an Unlikely Lens

photo by Alan Light on Flickr

Don’t Forget to Like the Photo of Me Wearing All the Masks!

Stop Printing Money You Fools

Wrapping Our Minds Around the Most Legendary Career in Football History

Perspective Born in West Virginia’s Mountains

Sometimes stubbornness is necessary. This isn’t one of those times.

Hint… It Isn’t Racism or Gun Control

It isn’t the supposed COVID hoax either, despite this moron’s protest to the contrary.

The Dallas Cowboys are even more Racist than the Cops

I seriously hope I don’t need to caption this.

Who Matters, Who Doesn’t, and Who Decides?

Chuck Miller

Author of Will Little Roo Ever...? & Inside the Mind of an Iron Icon. Writing: https://www.whatthechuuuck.com/. Strength Training: https://www.coresandc.com/.

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